In partnership with the San Francisco Travel Association! NGLCC 2016 Business Pitch Winner!

Korral is a free ride-hail directory app that allows users to discover ride services in San Francisco and find the ride that is best fit for them. The search feature is simple to use: just enter a pickup and drop-off location on the map screen and tap the search button. Korral will search and display results showing which ride providers are available to service that route as well as estimates for fare prices, driver times of arrival, and temporary price increases. Korral displays estimates for various car and taxi service providers that offer rides in San Francisco, including Uber, Lyft, Wingz, DriveForce and Flywheel. Korral works for on-demand as well as prescheduled rides.

You can also book rides directly through Korral with just an extra tap of the screen for certain providers. As we grow, Korral can act as a portal for access to various ride-hail services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond — a one-stop shop for all your ride-hail options in one place. We have built Korral as the foundation for this. One single platform with one app to download, one account to register, and one set of payment info to manage: this is our vision for Korral.

Currently serving San Francisco.



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