over 30 years experience: transportation + business + technology

Karasel Technologies, LLC offers a variety of software products and consulting services, with our current primary focus on Ride Service Management Solutions for convention attendees and business travelers. Korral, our flagship mobile application, is a ground transportation tool that allows users to evaluate ride hail options in real time across various providers, displaying estimated fares, times of arrival, and increased pricing for each ride offering. Additionally, our platform enables users to book and order rides directly through our app with just an extra tap of the screen for certain providers.

Our philosophy is to "keep it simple" whenever possible. This drives the thinking behind everything we do, and we pull this through to our final product. This mindset helps us avoid the pitfalls of over-engineering, ensuring that we deliver simplicity and ease of use in our product design and user interfaces. We find time and again that our customers and partners share in valuing this guiding principle as well.